About Unified Sporting

We here at Unified Sporting are looking to offer Northern Ireland more opportunities to play sports whether that is through events, tournaments, leagues or even just somewhere to play because we at Unified have personally struggled finding somewhere to just enjoy playing sports. We are big on giving everyone the opportunity in playing sports and giving people that may struggle in finding somewhere that can accommodate their needs.
What’s our future plans?

Our goals are big here at Unified Sporting but goals that we determined to reach! We are starting off by slowly introducing each sport into the system and when we are established we will be looking into developing our own facilities. We are hoping to eventually give the people a place to not only play sports but to improve on their abilities and help them live their dreams of becoming athletes. The facilities that we are hoping to build would include a football pitch, multi sports hall and a gym that has everything you’d need to help make your dreams a reality. Talent is being wasted and we think its time that we can show how talented we are.
Can you donate?

Yes. Donations aren’t something you have to do but is something that is greatly appreciated. There are different ways to donate. Firstly by showing up and entering our events. Secondly, by purchasing our merchandise. 25% of the profits of the merchandise will be going to a charity that will be chosen at the time while the other 75% will be going into building the facilities.
Any other questions please contact us either on our social media’s or by sending us an email. See you on the pitch!